CCAG-D6 is non-partisan, civic group focused on issues important in our community and in Pennsylvania Congressional District 6. One of our main goals is a civil, constructive dialogue between our Congressman and his constituents.

As a group, CCAG-D6 denounces violence, including the horrible occurrences on June 14, 2017, at the congressional baseball practice shooting, in which Rep. Steve Scalise was seriously injured, three fellow Republicans and two Capitol Hill police officers were wounded, and the gunman died. At that time, members of the CCAG-D6 group sponsored a letter to Representative Ryan Costello expressing gratitude that he was not present at the ball game, not injured and thanking him for his service. The letter, signed by over 60 citizens of the district, also asked him to support strengthening gun safety legislation. The CCAG-D6 group seeks improvement in lax gun regulations and supports legislation which would promote gun safety, and supports legislation which would do so without any infringement upon law abiding gun owners.


We asked our Congressman to support the Disharm Hate Act, H.R. 2841, which would prevent people convicted of hate crimes from purchasing a gun.  In our efforts to deter violence, we provide those people attending our events with written and/or oral instruction to discourage any violent actions, request that our members visually monitor the group and public, and caution the participants during events to avoid ANY interactions with an antagonistic public.  There are statements to that effect on our website and accompanying notice at public events. All events so far have been successfully devoid of any violence.


For the February 25th Town Hall (see the posted town hall video below for more detail) the Phoenixville police were both consulted and alerted that several hundred citizens could be present and that the Congressman had been invited to attend. The Phoenixville police were present before, during and at the end of the event at the high school, both outside and inside the auditorium. The decision of how much security was necessary was left to the Phoenixville police and Rep. Costello, who had had numerous invitations to the town hall.

A Town Hall was held on February 25, 2017 at the Phoenixville High School auditorium. Over 475 District 6 constituents attended.  Congressman Ryan Costello declined our repeated invitations to speak with his constituents and address their questions and concerns. Despite his absence, our voices were not silenced. For over two hours, voters directed questions to an empty lectern.

You can listen to the constituents of Pennsylvania District 6 below: