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Police are called on our protest in West Chester

Approximately three dozen protestors gathered last Friday in West Chester to come together to shine a spotlight on the ongoing fight against Trumpcare, and to speak out against our government's attempts to pull the safety net from the elderly, the working poor and children. Many thanks to the West Chester Food Cupboard, Unidos U.S. Action Fund, PA Save Our Safety Net Campaign, Indivisible Cheso and For Pennsylvania's Future for speaking at this joint demonstration. The issues of food insecurity and affordable heathcare need to be addressed by our Congressman. In an especially poignant moment, a board member from the West Chester Food Cupboard told the demonstrators that charity is not a substitute for regular nutrition. She then informed us that the majority of families served by food stamps have a senior citizen or disabled person at home. If you look closely at our photos from last week, you will spy a police officer talking with one of the day's speakers. According to a Daily Local News (see article), Rep. Costello called the police on the demonstration. The microphone was ordered to be turned off. This week's demonstration will focus on the First Amendment.

Next week's topic: A Tutorial on the First Amendment.