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Chat with Costello

We would like to thank Rep. Ryan Costello for speaking with us at the West Chester Demonstration.

We were out in force today! Wyomissing protestors got tons of supportive honks and West Chester got a visit from Rep. Costello.

We were able to pose some questions: Asked if he felt embarrassed by Trump at NATO, he stated that he had not seen the news. Asked why he continually votes against the release of Trump's taxes, he said we elected him without them and there is no procedure for getting them. Asked why not sign on to a procedure for getting them, he did not answer. Asked about why not an independent commission to suggest ways to protect ourselves from future interference and hacking, he said he thinks maybe the candidates are responsible to vet the info they get and mentioned that he personally did not use hacked info last election.

He gets points for greeting us and being polite, he doesn't hide and we appreciate that a great deal. However he showed no interest in the current assault on our democratic system. He professed his belief that there are enough checks and balances. Our best chants this week: "We aren't Putin up with this" and "NATO is our friend, Russia not so much!"