Dear Jeffrey G Weil, Esq & Kathryn Young-Gallo, Esq,

Thank you for representing CCAG against what proved to be the baseless claim filed by Ben LaGarde with the Federal Election Commission. We were thrilled to have the FEC dismiss the entire case as utterly without merit.

We formed this group so that we could join voices as Representative Ryan Costello’s constituents in PA Congressional District 6. We wanted to bring our views to his attention and make clear that we want our representative in Congress to resist the elimination of good government from our lives -  and to resist, particularly, the dismantling of our environmental and social protections. It was very intimidating and chilling to have charges filed against us. Whether the intent was a nefarious effort to silence our voices or not, that was the potential outcome had you not represented us (pro-Bono) for our successful response. I believe we now better understand our rights & federal election law.

With gratitude,

Concerned Constituent Action Group